Home Meal Delivery

Red Table’s Home Meal Delivery Service offers custom meals and snacks for the whole family delivered to your home on a weekly or biweekly basis. We prepare healthy home-cooked meals ready to heat up quickly either in the microwave or oven whenever you want. We source all of our food from the finest butchers, fishmongers and green markets in the City, always favoring seasonal and local produce.

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Nut-Free and Other Allergies

We also specialize in catering to children with allergies as we realize how prevalent they are today and how difficult it often is for parents to find prepared foods that are allergen-free. Our clients’ allergies range from gluten, dairy and nut to even more severe diet restrictions. We have even been working with one child (under the supervision of his doctor) to very gradually incorporate dairy into his diet in an effort to overcome his allergy.

We also realize how busy New Yorkers are and how important it is for families to eat together without ordering in nightly or heating up over-processed foods. So whether you have a busy work-life or children with special dietary needs, you can be assured that you are coming home to a healthy and home-cooked meal that the whole family can enjoy together.

How Does It Work?

To begin with we send each client a questionnaire to get a sense of each family or couple’s likes, dislikes, dietary restrictions, etc. Then we send out seasonal weekly menus each Thursday or Friday offering a wide range of meals, snacks and baked goods, although our clients are always encouraged to make any substitutions or special requests. We offer healthy kid-friendly options and even make organic baby food. We ask that all orders be received by Saturday evening to ensure a Monday late afternoon delivery. If you prefer a delivery on another day, we are also happy to oblige. There is no contractual obligation and, depending on your schedule, you can skip weeks or order as frequently as you want.

How Much Does it Cost?

We charge $40/hour for preparation plus the cost of the food itself, tax, and a $30 delivery fee. Typically, our clients order 2-4 meals (entrees, sides, salads, etc) and a couple of snacks or baked goods which equals about 4-7 hours of labor. On your invoice you will see the exact breakdown of food and labor so that you can monitor or adjust your orders accordingly.

Contact us to get started with our home meal delivery service!

Some Sample Weekly Menus

Roasted corn
Asparagus (no dairy)
Vegetable with quinoa or rice
Chicken tortilla
Chicken with alphabets or stars
Tuscan white bean
Lentil and spinach
Split pea
Beef barley

Toasted orzo OR fresh linguini with pesto, sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, shaved parmesan and pine nuts
Sesame noodles – with or without grilled chicken
Seasonal fish (halibut, Chilean seabass, lemon sole) sautéed with herbs, lemon and olive oil OR Asian infused with soy ginger broth and scallions
Braised shortribs with spinach rice pilaf
Turkey, beef or veal Bolognese with spaghetti squash or pasta (can also be whole wheat)
Chicken or veal Milanese with chopped tomatoes, basil and crunchy greens
Chicken or veal Piccata
Chicken or veal Marsala
Grilled salmon (or wild salmon) with roasted fennel and lemon caper vinaigrette
Moroccan lamb meatballs with cucumber raita and pita pockets
Chicken Parmigiana (baked or traditional)
Eggplant Parmigiana
Crab cakes with crunchy low-fat coleslaw
BBQ turkey
Meatloaf (beef or turkey) with mashed potatoes
Baked gnocchi with turkey Bolognese, spinach, mozzarella and parmesan
Salmon, chicken or beef teriyaki
Grilled salmon (or wild salmon) with broccoli rabe and shitakes
Chicken, lamb or chickpea tagine with couscous
Grilled chicken breast stuffed with sundried tomatoes, spinach, basil and fontina
Vegetable, turkey or beef lasagna
Fish, beef or chicken tacos
Tofu scramble with mixed veggies
Saffron rice with peas, corn, red peppers and chicken or shrimp

Seared tuna salad with cucumbers, wasabi guacamole and pea sprouts over greens
Grilled steak salad with cherry tomatoes and hearts of palm
Southwestern grilled chicken salad
Asian pasta salad with eggplant, snowpeas, carrots and waterchestnuts
Pesto chicken salad with cranberries and pine nuts
Salmon, asparagus, cherry tomato and new potato salad with lemon vinaigrette over mixed greens
Couscous salad with corn, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes and dill
Quinoa salad with lentils and spinach
Wheatberry salad with apples, corn, edamame and cranberries
Caprese (mozzarella, tomato and basil)
Greek salad
Cobb salad
Chickpea, pepper, cucumber, tomato and feta salad
Roasted beet salad with crumbled goat cheese and maple glazed walnuts
Frisee salad with tomatoes, crispy bacon and croutons
Baby spinach with apples, goat cheese and almond slivers
Butter lettuce with truffle cheese, peaches and raspberry vinaigrette
Baby arugula with cherry tomatoes, shaved parmesan and toasted pine nuts
Black beans and brown rice with fresh salsa
Grilled or steamed asparagus with lemon vinaigrette
Steamed or roasted broccoli
Cauliflower mash
Stir-fried veggies
Steamed sugar snap peas
Crunchy green beans with shallot vinaigrette
Assorted sushi rolls (cucumber, avocado, tuna, spicy tuna, etc.)
Crudite with hummus or low fat spinach dip

Spaghetti O’s and mini meatballs
Mini beef, turkey or chicken burgers with baked fries
Chicken tenders (baked or traditional)
Fish sticks
Sloppy joes (beef or turkey)
Mini quesadillas (can also be made whole wheat)
Mini pizzas
Mac & cheese (with or without broccoli or cauliflower)
Tofu nuggets
Hummus and pita chips (hummus can be made Tahini/Sesame-free in case of allergies)
Guacamole and baked tortilla chips

Sweets/Baked Goods
Peach applesauce*
Blueberry applesauce*
Banana cranberry muffins
Blueberry muffins
Apple cinnamon muffins
Banana chocolate chip muffins
Oatmeal raisin cookies
Chocolate chip cookies
Poached pears
Baked apples
*No sugar added
N.B. All muffins can also be made with flax seed or bran, or dairy or egg free

Contact us to get started with our home meal delivery service!

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